Outside In - ACE041.2

1973. Outside In - ACE041.2.

TitleOutside In - ACE041.2

Caption: "A series of art events presented in the regions by the Arts Council of Great Britain and organised by the Serpentine Gallery – London." Caption: "Bruce Lacey and Family." Lacey VO, over film of him and family members working with sound recording equipment, talking about people losing freedom of choice as they grow up and only regaining it in their twenties. Sound and light effects. Family members and other participants bouncing on inflatable furnishings, making faces through plastic sheeting, dancing, etc. Caption: "Space Structure Workshop." Inflatable structures. Children and adults emerging from them and walking around inside them. Multiple images of people inside brightly coloured spaces. Children running through coloured nylon tunnels. Voices over talking about how galleries etc., aren’t used to dealing with "live artists", and how this event has provided an opportunity to show off their ideas. Speaker hopes local areas will begin to take more responsibility for public art demonstrations. Structures being deflated.

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