Outside In - ACE041.3

1973. Outside In - ACE041.3.

TitleOutside In - ACE041.3

Caption: "Jules Baker." Edwardian photographs projected in supermarket. Reactions of passers-by to man wearing false head which has hands for ears and three mouths and a "rock" man, walking along a shopping street. People with masks and false mouths and hands on sticks. Superimposed views of the hand-eared man. Noises and music over. VO talking about public reaction. Caption: "Peter Dockley." "Wheelchair" on fire beside partly derelict building. Wax running off it. Gerbils eating wax (and peanut) sculpture of men sitting at table, beside telephone, heads encased in perspex boxes. Another (hooded and chained) figure in background. Figures in cages; hanging in "cocoons".

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