Outside In - ACE041.4

1973. Outside In - ACE041.4.

TitleOutside In - ACE041.4

Caption: "The artists performed at the following locations: Ceolfrith Arts Centre – Sunderland, Bede Gallery – Jarrow, Durham Light Infantry Gallery, Kendall Arts Centre." Captions: "The Welfare State." "The Travels of Lancelot Quail." Map showing Glastonbury. Guitarist and flautist performing. Man walking along country road wearing white-face make-up and a woman’s swimming costume, and carrying "fish" on a fishing line. Inside the circus tent. Ringmaster and other participants. Man in bathing costume on rope, hearse arrives below, woman "gives birth". Fire-eating. Clowns and clock. Man hung upside down. Procession through the streets by people in grotesque make-up or masks; miniature gallows in a cabinet. Trial. Rowing decorated boat on canal; "mermaid" in boat sings. Packing up props and moving on towards Tiverton.

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