The Rumanian Brancusi - ACE057.2

1976. The Rumanian Brancusi - ACE057.2.

TitleThe Rumanian Brancusi - ACE057.2

Boy herding cattle. Train. Târgu Jiu, south west Romania, home to "the three most ambitious monuments of modern art", The Table of Silence / Masa Tăcerii, The Gate of the Kiss / Poarta Sărutului, and The Endless Column / Coloana fără sfârşit commissioned as a war memorial and placed on an axis that crosses the town. Photographs of Constantin Brâncuºi, including some in his Paris studio in the Impasse Ronçon. Commentary gives biographical and other details. Rodin’s The Kiss / Le Baiser (1886). Brâncuºi and others revolted against these forms. Rural life in Romania: elderly peasant woman, shepherd and flock, woman feeding chickens, etc., etc. Mill race, grindstones turning. Millstone compared to The Table of Silence. Details and views of this group of carvings.

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