The Rumanian Brancusi - ACE057.4

1976. The Rumanian Brancusi - ACE057.4.

TitleThe Rumanian Brancusi - ACE057.4

Home movie of Brâncuşi. Photograph of outdoor table. Stylised carved head. Photograph of Mademoiselle Pogany, model for the series Miss Pogany / Domnişoara Pogany (1912-1933). A Bird in Space / L’Oiseau dans l’Espace. Series 1923-1940 Photographs of Brâncuşi, one with a Bird in Space. Heron flying. Traditional weaving designs. Women working at loom, spinning. Man sawing. Cattle. Wooden buildings; details of carvings and structure. Photographs of The First Step / Primul pas (1913); Prodigal Son (1915) The Sorceress (1916-1924), Torso of a Young Man (1917), Little French Girl / The First Step III (1917), Chimera (1918), King of Kings (1930s), The Endless Column, Adam and Eve (1921), Socrates (1922), Cock Greeting the Sun (1924), all made in a few years from 1912. Photograph of Brâncuşi with the Endless Column at Edward Steichen’s garden in Paris. Photographs of column being erected at Târgu Jiu, 1935. Views of this Column from surrounding area. Film of Brâncuşi at work on the carving. Credits.

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