The Rumanian Brancusi - ACE057.3

1976. The Rumanian Brancusi - ACE057.3.

TitleThe Rumanian Brancusi - ACE057.3

Several sculptures. The Dawn of the World / Începutul lumii (1924). Fish / Poisson (1920). Others. Peasants hoeing. Commentary giving details of Brâncuşi’s early life. Photographs illustrating Brâncuşi’s early years in Târgu Jiu and Craiova, where he went to art school, and college in Bucarest. Ecorché by Brâncuşi and Dr Dimitrie Gerota (1902). Paris. Brâncuşi as church cantor; various heads/busts; Pride (1905), Torment / Le Supplice / Supliciu (1907). The Prayer / Rugăciune (1907) in gallery and in churchyard. The Kiss / Sărutul (1907). Photographs of other versions of this same theme. The "kiss" and other features of The Gate of the Kiss. Man making noises by blowing across a leaf. Shepherd and flock. Bullock cart.

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