News From Nowhere - ACE076.4

1978. News From Nowhere - ACE076.4.

TitleNews From Nowhere - ACE076.4

Morris and Jane at the railway station. His poem, Near But Far Way, recited over. Jane on the train to Kelmscott. Grosvenor on her meeting and marrying Morris. Red House, at Bexleyheath, designed by Philip Webb. Details of the interior with, VO, Morris’s description of his venture into business, Morris, Marshall, Faulkner and Co. Morris at dinner with Jane, Rossetti and others. Furnishings ad stained glass with more description of the business over. Morris and Rossetti discussing the company; Morris says he wants control while Rossetti argues that this is against its original principles. Rossetti poses Jane for a photograph. Morris rowing, His VO talking about Kelmscott Manor, and his joint tenancy with Rossetti. Grosvenor on village gossip about Jane and Rossetti. Tiled wall, wallpapers, etc. Morris’s VO on the success of the business, and what he learned about dying, weaving, and so on in order to produce the goods. Grosvenor on the work undertaken at Merton Abbey. Lecture: on the intention to make the factory "a pleasant place" whose work "will stimulate … a desire for artistic creation". Continues VO over Morris printing wallpaper.

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