News From Nowhere - ACE076.5

1978. News From Nowhere - ACE076.5.

TitleNews From Nowhere - ACE076.5

Kelmscott. Rossetti and Jane. Morris’s words describing his unhappiness with the arrangement. Rossetti ill. Morris and Grosvenor on the river. Rossetti and Jane kissing; his VO reciting Nuptial Sleep. Crashing waves. Morris looking at the water and walking in the countryside. His description of his first visit to Iceland over. Morris touring on a pony. Landscapes. Church. His VO on his liking for Icelandic literature, etc. On the Thames. Grosvenor on Morris’s politics. Morris explains his dislike of Disraeli’s policies. Grosvenor describes Morris’s joining H. M. Hyndman’s Social Democratic Federation, and then setting up the Socialist League (pages from The Commonweal) and the Hammersmith Socialist Party (title page of Chants for Socialists (1883)). Morris sitting by a fireside, his VO describing a visit to the East End of London. Lecture: on class and work. Printing pages at the Kelmscott Press; Grosvenor’s VO says that Morris hoped that his books would help disseminate his vision of a better world.

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