News From Nowhere - ACE076.6

1978. News From Nowhere - ACE076.6.

TitleNews From Nowhere - ACE076.6

On the river. Morris and Grosvenor discuss the move of people from the villages to the towns and what will happen as a result of their crafts being lost. Morris discussing class issues with "Ellen", his vision, in News from Nowhere, of Jane "as he would have liked her to be". "Ellen" and Morris at a village event; people dancing and singing. Grosvenor rouses Morris from his daydream. Kelmscott. Morris writing a letter: volumes of writings by Morris and his daughter, May; patterned wallpapers and decorations; his VO talking about his writing, his health, the weather, preparations for a trip to Iceland. In Iceland; Grosvenor describes the visit as not being a success, with Morris appearing to have lost his mind. Morris dies in bed. The boat on the river. Morris’s VO reciting from An Apology (The Earthly Paradise) (1868). Credits.

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