Like as the Lute - ACE087.2

1979. Like as the Lute - ACE087.2.

TitleLike as the Lute - ACE087.2

Pine forest. VO reads William Drummond’s "God, Binding with His Tendons This Great All, Did Make a Lute…". Anthony Rooley playing. Trees; Dorney Court; stained glass showing woman playing lute. Brian Cohen making a lute; his VO describes some of the process. Woodcut of instrument maker playing an lute; VO reads inventory of 16th century lute-maker’s property. Street scenes in Cairo. Egyptian instrument makers at work; Anthony Rooley visits. His VO notes that the Arabic words for the lute is al’ud and gives the history of the instrument. Gamil Georges shows Rooley instruments in progress, and shows Rooley how to play it.

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