Like as the Lute - ACE087.3

1979. Like as the Lute - ACE087.3.

TitleLike as the Lute - ACE087.3

Rooley demonstrates how the ’ud (oud) originally had four strings which corresponded to the four elements, with the later fifth string being the æther. Music plays over illustrations of Arab music and musicians. VO likens the ’ud to the elements, the four quarters of the earth, the four temperaments, and the four humours of the body; describes the characteristics of the four strings; since the ninth century, the fifth represents the soul. George Michel playing the ’ud. Rooley and Abdel Moneim Arafa playing the ’ud and the lute; Rooley talking about the stringing, etc. Rooley’s VO explains the differences between the two instruments and the sounds they can make. Emma Kirkby singing Flow My Tears by John Dowland to Rooley’s accompaniment.

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