Like as the Lute - ACE087.5

1979. Like as the Lute - ACE087.5.

TitleLike as the Lute - ACE087.5

Rooley performing. A member of the audience plays Rooley’s lute. Rooley explaining why he gave up playing pop music, moved on to flamenco, to Bach, then studied music and began to specialise in sixteenth century music. Illustrations of European musicians. Rooley’s VO talks of Renaissance music being thought of as "a vehicle for divine inspiration"; refinement was learnt from the Arab world but transmuted into something totally European. Kirkby and Rooley perform I Saw My Lady Weep. Rooley with Cohen who is making a new lute based on a Spanish style and displaying features of the ’ud. Musicians playing ’ud. Rooley’s VO suggests that combining "the freedom and energy" of Arabic music with a European "level of scholarship and … application to detail and craftsmanship" would benefit both traditions. Credits (Rooley playing).

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