Steel ’n’ Skin - ACE089.2

1979. Steel ’n’ Skin - ACE089.2.

TitleSteel ’n’ Skin - ACE089.2

Peter Blackman, founder of Steel ’n’ Skin, says "The music which is created in Steel ’n’ Skin could only have evolved in England where you have people coming from Africa, living in communities with people who are coming from the West Indies, merging together with people with English experience – which is a particular experience – and living together and working together. This will produce the kind of sound which evolving through Steel ’n’ Skin." Steel ’n’ Skin rehearsing Reggae Return Once Again. Music continues over group driving in van. Blackman’s VO says that, in February 1979, they were invited to Liverpool by Merseyside Arts Associations to run workshops and to perform in schools, youth clubs and community centres. Performance with participation by audience. Blackman talks about becoming aware of the lack of information on black culture while doing teacher training, and embarrassing a largely West Indian school art class by showing them, and asking them to draw, images of Africa.

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