Steel ’n’ Skin - ACE089.6

1979. Steel ’n’ Skin - ACE089.6.

TitleSteel ’n’ Skin - ACE089.6

Blocks of flats, street scenes. Blackman’s VO points out that eight generation of black Liverpudlians have been unable to integrate fully despite submerging their original culture and traditions. Steel ’n’ Skin cannot be accused of being divisive by trying to reinvigorate these traditions. He says that only mutual respect will prevent the "the less established race" becoming alienated. Steel ’n’ Skin performance. The members are introduced: Emmanuel Tagoe. Ghana; Majaha Mohammed, Trinidad; Gideon Rodgers, St. Kitts; Emmanuel Yao, Ghana; George Dzikunu Ghana; Peter Blackman, England; Sarah Quaye, Ghana; Mercy Ahadzi, Ghana; Vivian Renner, Ghana; Fimber Bravo, Trinidad; Idris Ibrahim, Nigeria; Daniel Laryea, Ghana. Credits.

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Steel ’n’ Skin - ACE089.2
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