Steel ’n’ Skin - ACE089.3

1979. Steel ’n’ Skin - ACE089.3.

TitleSteel ’n’ Skin - ACE089.3

Blackman continues VO over Steel ’n’ Skin members working with children, saying that he used African drumming to try to counter this embarrassment. Drumming class, with girls dancing. Blackman talking about the development of this idea. His VO over girls dancing in costume, saying that he wanted the children to understand that "African ritual dance was the product of a very strong religious system, that everybody is part of an ancestor structure…", etc. Steel ’n’ Skin members dancing. Blackman explains that their workshops with teachers and play-leaders enable them to carry on afterwards with the young people they work with. Members of Steel ’n’ Skin showing how drums are strung. People cooking. Encouraging dance class to keep the rhythm going; showing them how to dance flat-footed.

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