Schiele in Prison - ACE099.4

1980. Schiele in Prison - ACE099.4.

TitleSchiele in Prison - ACE099.4

Photographs of young women: commentary talks about the contrast between the image of prostitutes and "respectable" women. A Klimt portrait of a young woman black and white reproduction of Portrait of Marie Henneberg (1901-1902), landscape; anti-Semitic drawings. Portrait of Gustav Mahler (1902 etching by Emil Orlik), quoted about his 8th Symphony – extract heard over shots of Viennese architectural features, Klimt’s portrait of Fritza von Riedler (1906). The Two Sisters (1906) by Richard Gerstl, Schiele’s Standing Female Nude with Crossed Arms, statuary, etc. The Ferris wheel and tower of St Stephen’s, etc. Vienna’s avant garde began to disintegrate around 1910. Actor Klimt complaining about criticism that insults his integrity, says he will never again exhibit in Vienna . Photograph of Mahler who left for America; Gerstl’s Portrait of Arnold Schönberg (c.1905-1906) who went to Berlin, as did Oskar Kokoschka (photograph). Self Portrait, Laughing (1908) by Gerstl, who committed suicide. Actor Schiele saying he wants to leave Vienna. River. Krumau (Český Krumlov), in Bohemia, where Schiele went in 1911. Krumau (1911), The Little City /Dead City VI (1912), detail from Dead City IV (1911); houses; watercolour version of The Yellow City (1914), same view of houses; The Little City II/III (1912-1913); Suburb I (1914), similar view of houses; House with Shingle Roof, Old Houses in Krumau (1914); sketch of windows, view of similar houses. View over town. Actor Schiele saying that he could "fight" the people of Krumau who were hostile to him, but will leave. Photograph of Schiele and Wally Neuzil. Trees; water; Schiele’s VO "I have become aware: Earth breathes, smells, listens… I am so rich that I must give myself away.": detail from Sunflowers II (1911); Autumn Tree in Turbulent Air (1912); Autumn Tree with Fuchsias; trees; Four Trees (1917). Trees.

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