Schiele in Prison - ACE099.6

1980. Schiele in Prison - ACE099.6.

TitleSchiele in Prison - ACE099.6

Actor Schiele announces his intention to marry. Photograph of Schiele with Edith Harms. After his marriage, his figures "became more conventional in appearance". Portrait of the Artist's Wife, Seated (1918), Portrait of Johann Harms (1916); Portrait of Hugo Koller (1918) which demonstrates use of props "to suggest an environment". – "the amputated limbs and discoloured flesh began to disappear": pictures including Squatting Women (1918), Family (1918). Photograph of Edith; final portrait of Schiele and Wally Neuzil, Death and the Maiden (1915). Newsreel of military scenes, soldiers dancing, etc. Troops on the march; Mahler’s Wo die schönen Trompeten blasen (Des Knaben Wunderhorn No. 9, 1898) sung over. Actor Schiele talking about the war, and his preference for "the enemy". Sketches produced during Schiele’s time as an official war artist; A Sick Russian (1915). New regimental emblem designed by Schiele. Photograph of Schiele. Paintings and drawings Schiele sold at the 1918 Secession exhibition. Modern day Vienna. Part of Makart’s 1879 Jubilee, "both a celebration of the Emperor and a work of art". Klimt’s Romeo and Juliet: his public work and work for his private patrons were separate; Female Nude. Mrs Fritza Riedler. "Schiele’s world was completely private…": Nude, Self Portrait (1910). Photograph by Johannes Fischer, Portrait of Egon Schiele (c.1915). Klimt’s Death and Life (1918); he, Schiele and Edith Schiele all died in the flu epidemic of 1918; Schiele’s early death "greatly contributed to the aura of martyrdom surrounding his life and work. But it is the compulsive quality of his images that disturbs the boundary between public and private..." A 1912 Self Portrait as Prisoner. Self Portrait in Black Coat, Masturbating. Death mask. Street signs for Makartgasse, Klimtgasse, Egon Schiele-Gasse. Credits.

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