Schiele in Prison - ACE099.5

1980. Schiele in Prison - ACE099.5.

TitleSchiele in Prison - ACE099.5

Orchard; commentary says that Schiele "aroused suspicion" after moving to Neulenbach. Black-haired Nude Girl, Standing (1910); actor Klimt’s VO saying he "had warned Schiele to be careful in his relations with child models…". Prison window. Actor Schiele describing his arrest (words from his diary); on prison bed; The Door into the Open (1912). Actor Judge asks for correction to published diary as the account of events is not true; it is possible that the publisher altered the diaries. Studio; actor Schiele on his imprisonment. Actor Judge claims Schiele should know the reason for his arrest; sketch of girl (1911); actor Schiele on prison bed disputing the charges; Standing Female Nude with Crossed Arms; actor Schiele discusses the idea of "corruption". Prisoner! (1912); Hindering the Artist is a Crime: It is Murdering Life in the Bud (1912); For My Art and My Loved Ones, I Will Gladly Endure to the End! (1912). Actor Judge counters "the assertions made in the book, Schiele in Prison"; actor Schiele argues; Judge burns painting. Funfair rides; view from Wheel in the Prater. Self Portrait as Saint Sebastian (1914); photograph by Trčka, hand coloured by Schiele, Egon Schiele with Raised Arms (1914), actor Schiele in same pose quoting letter to his mother, "Without doubt, I shall be the greatest, the most beautiful … the most precious crop…". Levitation (1915). Photographs of Schiele. Self Portrait with Checked Shirt (1917). Double photograph of Schiele. Triple Self Portrait (1913). More photographs by Trčka. Self Portrait.

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