Give Us This Day - ACE120.3

1982. Give Us This Day - ACE120.3.

TitleGive Us This Day - ACE120.3

Photographs of English "society". Commentary says that exploitation of nations in the Empire brought "huge sums of money" to the rich. Photograph of a slum area. Builders’ boss, Sykes, telling Noonan not to bother with quality work. Noonan painting decorative motifs. He asks Bill why the British poor feel so superior. Bill asks him why he didn’t fight in South Africa. Noonan recommends a book on the Boers; he says that the war was about money. Countryside. VO talking about British control of natural resources. Noonan and Bill walking in snowy countryside. Noonan suggests more books he should read. Workmen arriving at their job. VO saying "Extraordinary as it may appear, none of them took any pride in their work: they did not ‘love’ it… they went on, day after day, year after year, wishing their time was over and, without realizing it, really wishing that they were dead." Sykes spying on them. Commentary talks about Noonan’s view of work as a prison. Sykes fires old Tom for spending too much time trying to do a good job. Sykes tells Burton that they ought to cut wages or get the men working harder.

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