Give Us This Day - ACE120.5

1982. Give Us This Day - ACE120.5.

TitleGive Us This Day - ACE120.5

Noonan and Burton. They argue about wages for a job. Noonan looking for designs; VO suggesting that, on this job, Noonan "simply wanted to do the work…the question of profit was completely crowded out". Bill criticises him; Noonan explains his decorative ideas and that he wants to do a good job regardless of who will benefit. The work going ahead. Foreman spying on Noonan. Noonan and Bill at an SDF meeting. Chair gives the history of the Federation, based on Marxist principles, and points out that while the monopoly of capital increases, millions of people in Britain are "on the borderline of starvation". At home, Noonan’s sister says she wants to live elsewhere as she can’t stand their situation any longer. Photographs of Hastings. VO on how "the ragged trousered philanthropists continued to toil and sweat at their noble and unselfish task of making money for Mr Rushton". Noonan painting and coughing. Commentary talks about spread of Socialist ideas, and "the fear they inspired within the governing classes". Workmen talking about breaking up Socialist meeting; one supports the government. Noonan tells sympathetic colleague that he won’t retaliate as he’ll lose his job. Says they must change society.

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