Give Us This Day - ACE120.4

1982. Give Us This Day - ACE120.4.

TitleGive Us This Day - ACE120.4

Workmen on break wondering what they might do about Tom’s dismissal. Noonan says that they join the Society to protect themselves, and tells his co-workers that a non-working majority prospers while the poor workers starve. They discuss the meaning of poverty. Sykes spying. Foreman suggests Sykes should get rid of Noonan because he’s a trouble-maker. Sykes says Burton thinks his artistic talent could be valuable. Commentary talks about the British trades union movement. Noonan tells his sister that the workers in Hastings connive at their own oppression; she criticises him for not working for himself. Commentary talks about Noonan’s many changes of employment. VO quotes "In order to succeed in this world it was necessary to be brutal, selfish and unfeeling … to consider one’s own interests first in every case…". Commentary talking about Noonan’s writing. Noonan gives Bill a paper published by the Social Democratic Federation. Bill suggests Noonan try for re-employment at Burton’s as Sykes has now left.

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