Carrington - ACE176.2

1988. Carrington - ACE176.2.

TitleCarrington - ACE176.2

Footage of horse and rider in woodland. VO reading "Yesterday, suddenly, I came face to face with Death… I thought of the irony of Fate. I who long for Death find it so hard to meet him." "Chapter opening" about Carrington dropping her given name, Dora, and insisting on being known simply as Carrington. Portraits by Carrington, including Mrs Box (1919). Various VOs describing her and her work. Photo of Carrington with parasol. VO Frances Partridge. Partridge saying it’s hard to describe Carrington, as there were "many sides to her character". Various photographs of Carrington and of a nude statue for which she was the model. VO of Vivien John. John describing Carrington’s personality. John VO continues. Pencil sketch of Carrington self-portrait from 1910, photograph of Carrington’s parents, of Carrington with palette. Portrait of man in armchair. 1912. Carrington’s words "A lathe man gave me a lesson in plastering… Fresco painting is awfully hard" as VO over Hoeing (1912) Dr. George [Dadie] Rylands talking about how Carrington decorated a room at Cambridge for him. Details of the designs, Rylands VO. Carrington’s words also VO. Decorated objects, bookplates, woodcuts, etc. Photos of Carrington and Mark Gertler, with VO quoting a letter from her to him talking about her sexuality. 1914: VO about "hateful war": caption explains that Carrington’s brother Teddy was killed in First World War. Sketch of Teddy. Ink drawing of couples of moonlit hillside. Photographs of Carrington and various members of the Bloomsbury set. VO reading letter to Gertler describing being on Lewes Downs with some of them. Photographs of Lytton Strachey VO Vivien John saying he was very shy. Photographs of Gertler, of Carrington and Strachey, etc. Carrington’s words VO describing how Gertler reacted when she told him about her feelings for Strachey. 1918: Sketches and photograph of Tidmarsh Mill. Carrington’s paintings of Tidmarsh Mill and surroundings including The Mill at Tidmarsh, Berkshire (1918). Her words VO describing the house. VO continues over sketch and paintings of of Strachey reading. Frances Partridge VO over painting and photo of Strachey reading

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1988. Carrington - ACE176.3.

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1988. Carrington - ACE176.4.

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