Carrington - ACE176.4

1988. Carrington - ACE176.4.

TitleCarrington - ACE176.4

John VO: Paintings from France, Spanish Landscape with Mountains, (c.1924), around Yegen. 1924. Illustrated letter about moving to Ham Spray House, Wiltshire. Film and photographs of the house, one with Strachey, one with Carrington. Phyllis Knight talking about staying at the house. John talking about Ham Spray House and its decorations. Photographs of interiors; Knight VO describing the decorations. Knight describing how some of the decorations were made with a half orange. Decorated tiles. Woman’s VO describing glass and foil door panels commissioned by her mother for houses in Ladbroke Grove and Pelham Place. Carrington’s words VO talking about visiting London to complete these door panels and a set of painted tiles for a fireplace surround. VO Knight talking about Carrington’s friends: photographs of Carrington, Julia and Alex Strachey, Dorelia McNeill. Vivien John, etc. VO and photograph of Rosamond Lehmann. John VO talking about Carrington’s sympathies with female sitters. Portraits including one of Julia Strachey (1925), and the two John daughters. John VO continues: photograph of Carrington with Vivien John and two other women; John talks of Carrington’s "reserve". 1930: Knight VO talking about Carrington painting her dressed as a 19th century servant girl seated in a window, a trompe l’oeil actually painted on the window. Trompe l’oeil bookshelves, the books with punning titles, painted by Carrington on the back of a door. 1931: Carrington VO talking about Strachey’s books one day being for sale: Lytton Strachey bookplates, falling leaves. John talking about Carrington’s depressions. Partridge VO talking about Carrington having "some secret fear". Photograph of Carrington, letter illustrated with sketches of her and Strachey, sketches of Strachey. Caption explains that Strachey’s health suddenly deteriorated. Carington’s words VO pencil portrait of Strachey: his death meant that "the only person who brought sense and order into my muddled life has gone". Photograph of country landscape with Strachey and Carrington, painting of Carrington painting, photograph of Carrington in landscape. Caption explains that Carrington killed herself four months after Lytton died. John VO saying she hadn’t realised Carrington had loved Strachey so much. Photograph of Carrington and Strachey sitting in garden. Partridge describing Carrington as "one of the most unboring people" she knew. Photograph of Carrington. Credits. "Love me, love me, love me, say you do" sung over.

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