Carrington - ACE176.3

1988. Carrington - ACE176.3.

TitleCarrington - ACE176.3

John VO over photographs of Strachey and Carrington, describing their relationship. Carrington’s words VO over more photographs, and sketches of Carrington in her domestic role. Partridge VO paintings – circus, a jug of flowers, etc. – saying that the Bloomsbury people painted differently and didn’t give her sufficient support. John VO various paintings of flowers, and Farm at Watendlath (1921) saying she thought Carrington didn’t particularly want to be influenced by people and trends. Illustrated letter with VO Carrington (to Alex Strachey) describing its illustrations (of Ralph Partridge, Gerald Brenan, Saxon [Sydney-Turner], Barbara [Cooper], Duncan Grant, Vanessa Bell, Lytton Strachey, Carrington at Tidmarsh). Photograph of Carrington writing; John talking about illustrated letters and Carrington’s passion for cats. Illustrations from such letters; many pictures of cats. Portraits by Carrington; Carrington’s words VO about her portraits which she frequently considered to be failures. Tiles from fireplace. Jerry Penrose describes how these tiles were moved several times by his parents and shows details of several of them. Portrait of his mother painted on silver paper. Partridge talking about Carrington’s glass pictures, painted and covered with coloured silver paper. Captions note Carrington’s marriage to Ralph Partridge and her affair with Gerald Brenan. Carrington’s words (letter to Alex Strachey) VO over an illustrated letter. Photographs of Carrington and Brenan; portrait of Gerald Brenan from 1931. Partridge talking about this relationship and Strachey’s reaction.

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Carrington - ACE176.2
1988. Carrington - ACE176.2.

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1988. Carrington - ACE176.4.

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