Gavin Bryars - ACE193.4

1988. Gavin Bryars - ACE193.4.

TitleGavin Bryars - ACE193.4

Photograph of Bryars in mid-1970s. He explains that he spent this period researching and teaching art history. Caption quotes John Cage, "One way to write music, study Duchamp." Bryars says that he found literature, particularly the writing of Raymond Roussel, and word play a good inspiration for composing. Jean Ferry’s Une Autre Etude sur Raymond Roussel, Roussel’s Impressions d’Afrique. He suggest that his composition, The Cross-Channel Ferry, an homage to Jean Ferry, shows how he has incorporated word play into his own work. Part of The Cross-Channel Ferry, with Bryars’s VO explaining some of the themes, for example, the use of musical instruments ending in the letter "a", and Latin American rhythms also ending in "a". Music continues over film of the cross-channel ferry. Caption: "The Cross-Channel Ferry 1979. Performed here by George W. Welch band." Music continues over. Music continues over film of sea and seabird. Bryars talking about his return to composition with Ponukelian Melody (1975). Ponukelian Melody played. Bryars VO talking on the influence of Satie, partly his ideas on harmony, and partly in one section, the tempo. Caption: "Ponukelian Melody 1975. Arranged by Andrew Thomson for George W Welch." Music continues over. The George W Welch band.

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