Gavin Bryars - ACE193.5

1988. Gavin Bryars - ACE193.5.

TitleGavin Bryars - ACE193.5

Leicester Polytechnic’s Scraptoft Campus. Bryars with class, explaining different ways of altering the pitch and tone of a piano by placing objects on the strings. Bryars conducting musicians accompanying a dance piece. Bryars and students playing a piece by Carla Bley. Photographs of Bryars at piano and with double bass, and with Charlie Haydn and cellist. Bryars talking about Bill Frisell’s Throughout (1982), which he adapted (as Sub Rosa) for an ensemble. Music. Piano, violin, clarinets, xylophone played with bow, Bryars on bass. Caption: "Sub Rosa 1986. Dedicated to Bill Frisell. Gavin Bryars Ensemble." Music continues over. Part of performance of the opera, Medéa (1984), one result of his collaboration with Robert Wilson. Bryars talking about Medéa, Civil Wars (1984), and other projects he worked on with Wilson. Medéa continues. Bryars saying that this was a sympathetic treatment of the character, allowing her to be in control. Medéa continues. Bryars VO says he didn’t have to worry about other operatic models. Bryars saying his music could be detached and cool. Medéa continues. Caption. " Medéa 1982-84. Libretto after Euripides. Direction & Design: Robert Wilson. Conducted by Richard Bernas. With Medea sung by Yvonne Kenny, Jason sung by Louis Otey." Music continues over. Bryars on the calmness of the opera, with characters detached from the action. Medéa continues. Bryars on the lighting and its effects. Medéa continues. Bryars on his research into ancient Greek music, which resulted in him eliminating the violins and adding a large tuned percussion section. Medéa continues.

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