Gavin Bryars - ACE193.6

1988. Gavin Bryars - ACE193.6.

TitleGavin Bryars - ACE193.6

Bryars talking about works which grew out of Civil Wars and Medéa, such as Allegrasco. Allegrasco played Musicians include Bryars on bass. Bryars VO on the influence of Busoni. Caption: "Allegrasco 1983-86. Gavin Bryars Ensemble."
Music continues. Bryars on his writing for "squeaky door" musicians. The Arditti Quartet playing Bryars’s String Quarter No.1. Bryars says this piece was written for them to play in Vienna on their normal instruments, and then on Raad instruments which offer, for example, particularly bright harmonics, different tonal possibilities, etc. Music continues. Bryars talks about his original idea for this work, having each player representing a different composer and playing a piece which reconciles their apparent differences, though lack of time meant that this wasn’t fully developed. Music continues. Caption: "String Quartet No.1 1985, ‘Between the National & the Bristol’. First performed in Vienna and here played on electronic Raad instruments by the Arditti Quartet." Music continues over, with Bryars VO. Bryars explains the title of the Quartet. Music continues. Electronics board operator adjusting sound. Credits.

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