Showcase City - ACE254.3

1993. Showcase City - ACE254.3.

TitleShowcase City - ACE254.3

Exterior of the building. Lovell agrees that they came in very late on in the building of the ICC, but says they were more successful in Centenary Square, where artists were involved, in a collaborative manner, from the very beginning. Her VO over film of Tess Jaray working on designs, and the resulting architectural details. Jaray talks about a requirement for vision and practicality, and explains her concept for the overall design. Some of her early designs. Views of the Square. Jaray’s VO on how the features should work with the public. Jaray talks about using appropriate materials and patterns in the designs for the brick surfaces. Views of these patterns. Fountains. VO Jaray talking about working with Tom Lomax. Lomax. Fountains. Lomax explaining how he balances the water flows. Details Details of fountain design – the Spirit of Enterprise (1991) and other motifs referring to Birmingham’s industrial past, to commerce and multiculturalism, etc.

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Showcase City - ACE254.2
1993. Showcase City - ACE254.2.

Showcase City - ACE254.4
1993. Showcase City - ACE254.4.

Showcase City - ACE254.5
1993. Showcase City - ACE254.5.

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