Showcase City - ACE254.4

1993. Showcase City - ACE254.4.

TitleShowcase City - ACE254.4

Raymond Mason’s controversial fibreglass sculpture, Forward (1991). Mason talking about Birmingham’s unique industrial past that his work is intended to commemorate. Jaray says that there should have been more collaboration from the beginning as Mason felt that her brickwork designs were "too powerful" as a background to his sculpture. Views of the brick patterns. Newspaper headlines on the statue. Lovell on the controversy surrounding Forward. Mason talking about the positive responses he received. The pedestrian route from Centenary Square via Chamberlain Square – statue of Thomas Attwood (by Siobhan Coppinger, 1992) – to Victoria Square. Lovell talking about the future for public art in Birmingham. Lovell’s VO over shots of casting (in foundry at Wednesbury) of artwork, by Antony Gormley, commissioned by the Trustee Savings Bank (TSB). Commentary talks about private sponsorship. Brian Lawrence, one of the foundry workers, commenting on how the artist wants the cast pieces left in their rough state.

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Showcase City - ACE254.2
1993. Showcase City - ACE254.2.

Showcase City - ACE254.3
1993. Showcase City - ACE254.3.

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1993. Showcase City - ACE254.5.

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