Showcase City - ACE254.5

1993. Showcase City - ACE254.5.

TitleShowcase City - ACE254.5

Unveiling of the statue, Iron: Man (1993); Lord Mayor Peter Barwell, Antony Gormley. Mixed public reaction. Statue. Antony Gormley talking about the work, where it’s sited, and the references it makes to local industry, history, etc. Petherbridge on the need to satisfy funders causing a lack of cohesion in the new developments. Model of the Square. Petherbridge believes the plans will need to be revisited in ten years’ time. Victoria Square. Iron: Man, Dhruva Mistry's The River (1993) (nicknamed "the Floozie in the Jacuzzi") and associated statuary. Commentary asks if Birmingham has gone about commissioning public art in the right way. Lovell is concerned about choosing designs "from a catalogue" as this will not necessarily result in something appropriate to the layout of a particular city. Credits

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Showcase City - ACE254.2
1993. Showcase City - ACE254.2.

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1993. Showcase City - ACE254.4.

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