Dinosaurs in the Playground - ACE453.3

1978. Dinosaurs in the Playground - ACE453.3.

TitleDinosaurs in the Playground - ACE453.3

Caption: "Self Portraits." Pictures of children on the walls. VO explains that these self portraits were a way to help the children claim the buildings as theirs, and were intended to be part of on on-going process in which each succeeding year’s intake would add their own. Children drawing each other; their VOs explaining what they did; director talking to one child. Cashman’s VO explaining their vision of art education, art as a means of shaping the environment which, in turn, shapes people. Caption: "Tyre Structures." Children playing on and with motor tyres in various configurations. Commentary explains why tyres were chosen as raw material, and says that most of them were factory rejects, donated by a tyre company. Children’s VO talking about how they play with the tyres. Children’s drawings and models used in the design and building of the tyre structures. Black and white footage of Cashman and Fagin considering the different models and how they might build one; children working out how their models would function and might cost if built; director seen interviewing. Cashman and Fagin with the school keeper who explains how certain playground areas must be kept clear for deliveries, etc. Cashman and Fagin begin digging up the playground and erecting wooden supports. Tyre delivery; fixing tyres together, roping and nailing tyres to wooden frames, and so on. Children playing on completed structure.

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