Dinosaurs in the Playground - ACE453.5

1978. Dinosaurs in the Playground - ACE453.5.

TitleDinosaurs in the Playground - ACE453.5

Caption: "The Garden." Children in playground; commentary says that the two years taken so far on the project had created a good collaboration between artists, children, teachers and parents, which facilitated the execution of a communal project. Drawings of ideas for garden. Children watering plants; raised bed. Black and white footage of Cashman and Fagin discussing ideas with teachers. Volunteer parents helping to lay bricks and work on other parts of the building. Stages in the construction of the outer shell, with children helping to carry bricks. Black and white footage of children building model features, including dinosaurs for a dinosaur park. Children digging and planting the more conventional final design. Roy Price opens the garden at the school’s Summer Fair. Commentary says that this was the culmination of the artists’ desire "to be catalysts in a communal process". Price talking to camera. Children and parents at the Fair watching maypole dancing, intercut with views of the playground before the project; VO of headmistress, Barbara Ryan, says that the project affected the school more than she had hoped, allowing the children to see that what they think does matter. Credits. Black and white footage of woman talking to director about the project. School.

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