Dinosaurs in the Playground - ACE453.4

1978. Dinosaurs in the Playground - ACE453.4.

TitleDinosaurs in the Playground - ACE453.4

Caption: "The Train." Tyres. Concrete railway engine, part of the original playground, which was prominent in the children’s drawings. Children and students painting the train. Caption: "The Ghosthouse." Animation of some of the wall designs. Children painting designs. Art student David Stone, converting the interior of part of the disused playground toilets. Drawings showing games the children played in them before conversion, which prompted ideas for his decorations. Black and white film of Stone with children, working with teacher Chris Cook, to explore the children’s fantasy and monster fantasies. Stone’s VO on the importance of working with the children. Cook and Stone helping the children design and make masks which would become the basis for the Ghosthouse designs. Shadow plays which provided more images. Children in the finished structure.

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