Prof Sophie Triantaphillidou

Doctoral ResearcherTitle of ThesisStatus
Mr Pooryaa CheraaqeeOptimising Camera Colour Filter Arrays for the Performance of Deep Neural NetworksActive
Mr Cristian PacurarAn Evaluation Framework for Automated Audio DescriptionActive
Mr Oliver Van ZwanenbergCamera Spatial Frequency Response Derived from Pictorial Natural ScenesCompleted
Ms Hykoush AsaturyanAutomatic Pancreas Segmentation and 3D Reconstruction for Morphological Feature Extraction in Medical Image AnalysisCompleted
Mr Edward FryScene-Dependency of Spatial Image Quality MetricsCompleted
Miss Anastasia TsifoutiImage usefulness of compressed surveillance footage with different scene contentsCompleted
Mr Jae ParkDoctoral research projectCompleted
Ms Elizabeth AllenImage Quality of JPEG 2000 compressed imagesCompleted
Kyung OhDoctoral research projectCompleted