Prof Neal White

Prof Neal White

Neal White is an artist and senior research academic. He currently co-Directs the research centre CREAM with Professor May Adadol Ingawanij (Cinematic Arts) and together they were responsible for UoA 32 REF2021 submission.

White leads The Deep Field Project, a research studio supporting practice-led research at graduate and post-doctoral level through contemporary art practice aligned with experimental sciences and the critical & environmental humanities. He is a coordinator of the collective that runs thematic project 'Ecological Futurisms'.

He has recently worked with Monsoon Assemblages on a project for Venice Biennale 2020/21 (, an exhibition with The Deep Field Project in 2020 with Stefanie Hessler - Visiting CREAM scholar. 

Following a prolonged research residency in Amsterdam, he is currently developing approaches and projects whose focus is on both propositional and action led environmental policy, whilst drawing on the science of visual ecology, science fictions and techniques of counter mapping to address issues of multi-species justice. This work has been supported by supported by  Mondriaan Funds, Nieuw en Meer and Zone2source (Holland), and in 2023, by Srishti Interim (Bengaluru, India ) and Kew Herbarium, London. (Nov 2022)

Neal White research involves studio practice, counter mapping and fieldwork that leads to exhibitions, texts as well as events including bus tours and participatory acts of self-experimentation. He works through a systems led method of experimentation and deep engagement with other interdisciplinary researchers, exploring topics that have  span technical, scientific and creative approaches to subjects that include; Art and Self-Experimentation, Remote Global Sensing Platforms, Counter Mapping of Scientific Landscapes, Dislocation of Data and critical engagements with Techno-Scientific and Military-Industrial complex, amongst many others. His current research is focussed on anthropogenic noise and its impact on multi-species futures.

White founded Office of Experiments, an independent entity sharing knowledge across intergenerational and diverse groups of enthusiasts, amateurs and activists whose passion and love for their subjects lies beyond an institutional framing of what knowledge is, should or can be. The Deep Field Project, extends this experience back into the academe. 

Neal White research is extensively commissioned and funded by organisations ranging from Henry Moore Foundation to Mondriaan Foundation. He has secured UKRI funding including recently as a Co-I  on the AHRC project; Practice Research Voices (2022) and his work in this area is further informed by his active membership of the AHRC Peer Review College since 2012. White helped secured funding for International studentships (QHT - internal) as well recent AHRC funding through Techne 2. 

  • Centre for Research and Education in Arts and Media

In brief

Research areas

Deep Field Project, Artistic practice of John Latham and Artist Placement Group, Process based artistic research methods, Art and Technology and Intersections of Art and Experimental STS (Science and Technology Studies)

Skills / expertise

Process based artistic research methods through practice, PhD by Practice and Intersections of Art, Science and Society

Supervision interests

Projects aligned to Deep Field Project (see and Artist led research with interdisciplinary arts