Artist's studio

Dawood, S. Perrot, C. (ed.) 2007. Artist's studio. London Culture Shock Media.

TitleArtist's studio
AuthorsDawood, S.
EditorsPerrot, C.

For one year, the artist Shezad Dawood occupied the ground floor apartment. The space was a loan by the benefactor to Dawood in order that he could live and work there. Dawood expanded it so that not only the flat was his studio, but also provided an extraordinary and challenging space for very different responses to the site by other artists: Guillaume Paris, Riccardo Previdi, Marko Maetamm, Szuper Gallery, Khalil Rabah and Shilpa Gupta.

“Artists’ Studio’, as a project was collectively termed, promoted the idea of artist’s working space as a private place where art gets made, but then extended it to postulate the idea that, once the private work has been finished, the studio could become a public exhibition space.

The publication Artists’ Studio contains the images of the all seven artistic projects in the space and critical texts by: Sophie Hope, Peter Lewis, Lisa Le Feuvre.

PublisherCulture Shock Media
Publication dates
Place of publicationLondon

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