For a few rupees more

Dawood, S. 2005. For a few rupees more. Belluard Bollwerk International Festival, Fribourg, Switzerland.

TitleFor a few rupees more
CreatorsDawood, S.

One of 3 winners of international competition for £6000 commission. The piece commissioned was a complex work looking at ideas of translation and deconstruction in cinema.

Taking as its starting point the Spaghetti Western, with its long takes, and locations in Almeria, Spain, shot by Italians recreating the Texas-Mexico border. And using this mutability as a point of entry.

Originally I had been working on developing a film/video work relocating the denouément of the Spaghetti Western to the desert in Pakistan. I had scouted locations, found non-professional actors (in true neo-realist style), story-boarded and was developing the soundtrack for the piece. Realising at this point that the soundtrack was in itself a complex work, I let go of the rest and focussed on this.

The soundtrack involved appropriating and re-arranging the various Morricone scores to the various Leone westerns, to fit my story-board and shot-list. I then commissioned a maestro sitar player to improvise, uninterrupted to my arrangement (a total duration of 40 minutes). Finally for Fribourg a cinema space was constructed, and while white light shone through a projector, the soundtrack was screened to a ticketed audience. Thus looking at the very bare bones of cinema as light and sound – the deconstructing of cinema being something I have returned to again and again, either as text, stills, story-boards etc.

The festival also produced a limited vinyl edition of the soundtrack. And am currently in discussion with David Grien, to show the piece as part of his cinema projx series at the Prince Charles cinema in London for 2006 (previous artists include Cerith Wyn Evans and Jemima Stehli).

Media typeVideo
Output mediaFilm

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