Woodman. David Nash, sculptor - ACE090.2

1978. Woodman. David Nash, sculptor - ACE090.2.

TitleWoodman. David Nash, sculptor - ACE090.2

Woodland; a stream; wildlife. Man with a chain saw and axe cutting up a "wind blown tree"; his VO likens "tree" and "wood" to "animal" and "meat". Scrap heap, and Nash’s house and studio, a former chapel, at Blaenau Ffestiniog, Wales. His VO talks about moving out of London immediately after finishing art school; living and working in the same place means that there’s no separation between different aspects of his life. Nash shaping wood and fixing several pieces together with pegs and glue. VO says he wanted his art to come from his life, responding "as it unfolded in front" of him. Cutting a large log. Nash’s wife, Claire Langdown, and children, Bill and Jack; he takes the children out for a walk. VO talks about the importance of his family; he compares wanting them to outlive him to his wish that his work continues to live and is not just "a relic of an action". Shots of Langdown’s studio. Nash and his children. Views of Blaenau. Nash’s VO talking about the town. Bill going to school. Nash pushing pram around town; going shopping. His VO says he thinks many townspeople are suspicious of him and don’t know what he’s doing; he talks about his life there, saying that he’s not caught up in the politics of the art world.

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1978. Woodman. David Nash, sculptor - ACE090.3.

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1978. Woodman. David Nash, sculptor - ACE090.5.

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