Woodman. David Nash, sculptor - ACE090.5

1978. Woodman. David Nash, sculptor - ACE090.5.

TitleWoodman. David Nash, sculptor - ACE090.5

Cumbrian landscape. Nash’s VO describes the making of his Running Table (1978) at Grizedale. Views of the forest. Working on Horned Tripod (1978); the need to use metal stakes to secure it made him think about planting a tall structure – Willow Ladder (1978) – and Sweeping Larch Enclosure (1978). A larch tree; drawing for the Enclosure. Parts of Wooden Waterway (1978). Wind chime; Nash VO says he wants to continue to live at Blaenau. Walking near the quarries and slate tips, etc. Nash VO describes his feelings on taking up drawing, and his working methods. Drawing "the energy of the tree"; he describes the characteristics of trees. Nash reading to Billy. His VO talks about his involvement in his art: "the artist’s job is to make the things he wants to see and share them". Cutting up a fallen tree. Credits.

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Woodman. David Nash, sculptor - ACE090.2
1978. Woodman. David Nash, sculptor - ACE090.2.

Woodman. David Nash, sculptor - ACE090.3
1978. Woodman. David Nash, sculptor - ACE090.3.

Woodman. David Nash, sculptor - ACE090.4
1978. Woodman. David Nash, sculptor - ACE090.4.

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