Woodman. David Nash, sculptor - ACE090.4

1978. Woodman. David Nash, sculptor - ACE090.4.

TitleWoodman. David Nash, sculptor - ACE090.4

Nash walking around deserted quarries; his VO talking about parallels with his work – the deep holes have "a secret quality". Sharpening tools. Nash’s tool rack. His VO talks about "the paradox of having to construct" an "uncarved block"; blocks on a rough wooden table. Nash VO says he then became "conscious of the table as a sculptural object" and particularly interested in its interior space: several tables. Nash walking up slate tip path; he wants his wooden objects to demonstrate every part of the shaping process. Objects in the studio. Sharpening tools. VO talking about the difference between working in and out of doors. Outdoor pieces. Nash making tea in his stone hut; looking at the view. Art student digging; Nash and his wife with group of visiting students at dinner; Nash VO talking about his relationship with them. A tall tripod; Nash VO lists some of his influences. Nash clearing ground to plant trees; drawings for his Ash Dome (planted 1977) which he describes and says "will take about forty years to complete".

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1978. Woodman. David Nash, sculptor - ACE090.5.

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