Woodman. David Nash, sculptor - ACE090.3

1978. Woodman. David Nash, sculptor - ACE090.3.

TitleWoodman. David Nash, sculptor - ACE090.3

Nash shaping and splitting tree trunks and branches. His VO talking about moving from painting to three-dimensional art, discovering his liking for working with wood, his preference for traditional tools, his attitude to wood itself, and the feelings behind his work. Nash in woodland; VO saying that he wants "to pull the organic world back into the world of men" which he doesn’t "fully believe in". Completed piece on hillside. Views from Nash’s house; sharpening a blade. His VO talking about his liking for the work of Constantin Brâncuşi. Mediaeval stone bridge near Blaenau Ffestiniog; Nash says he like "man-made objects where the process of making them is self-evident". He says he want to make such objects in wood. A piece with split ends of branches "rammed into each other" and braced with rope. A boulder near a stream; Nash’s Vo explaining why he likes and is impressed by this object. Sharpening tools. Nine "boulders" made from the same piece of ash. The cracking of these as they dried out gave him the idea for a group of split pods, and these helped him to understand the effects of light on objects. Dry-stone wall; Nash VO says they look fresh "because of the dark holes".

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1978. Woodman. David Nash, sculptor - ACE090.5.

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