Wall of Light - ACE166.3

1986. Wall of Light - ACE166.3.

TitleWall of Light - ACE166.3

Exterior view of the glass façade. Richard Rogers talking to Deacon showing him, with photographs, how a sitting tenant was accommodated above the new building. The glass panels which make the building "somewhere between solid and transparent". Rogers and Deacon looking at internal features, including one of very few visible supports, a slate faced steel girder which holds up the flat above. Details of a moveable glass and steel mesh screen, and main staircase. Rogers comments on the evenness of the light in the library, and on the features which date the room to 1930. A mobile library staircase. The "wall of light". Deacon and Rogers looking at features such as concealed storage. Exterior view at night. Library interior in artificial light.

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