Wall of Light - ACE166.5

1986. Wall of Light - ACE166.5.

TitleWall of Light - ACE166.5

Deacon in his studio putting together a wooden sculpture, VO talking about light and seeing. Caption: "Serpentine Gallery, Hyde Park, London." The steel sculpture (Blind, Deaf and Dumb B) being erected in the grounds. The Gallery and its windows. Blind, Deaf and Dumb A inside the Gallery. Views of both parts of the installation. Deacon VO on the "experience of uncertainty of one’s place". Deacon talking about the similarity and complementarity of the two shapes, and the differences between the two parts of the work. Views of A and B. London skyline. Caption: "Lloyd’s Building, City of London." The building under construction. Rogers, with plans, talking to Vellay and Deacon about trying "to fit an irregular site with a more or less regular building", allow for "a play of light and shadow", and keep the building in context. Views of the building. Rogers describing some of the features, and how turning the building "inside out" frees up the interior.

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