Wall of Light - ACE166.4

1986. Wall of Light - ACE166.4.

TitleWall of Light - ACE166.4

Vellay talking about developments in the building between 1928 and 1930. Rogers comments on its minimalist nature and the "movement of space" within it. Deacon points out that the building has always been a house as well as having other functions. Rogers talks about the degree to which unusual technology has been employed, and about the design team and the client. He believes the building is a high point in Western culture. Caption: "London SW9. Richard Deacon’s studio." The glass-roofed studio. Deacon’s VO talking about his impressions of the Maison de Verre which inspired him to create two different works, one representing the house and one the world outside, separated by "a very particular barrier". He demonstrates with models which will be realised in steel, with sections bolted together. The work under construction in a steel works. Deacon talking about features of the metal sections with the foreman.

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