Wall of Light - ACE166.6

1986. Wall of Light - ACE166.6.

TitleWall of Light - ACE166.6

Rogers and the others touring the building. He talks about the client’s requirement for "unity" in the building, the flexibility of the space, the structure, the essential combination of technology and art. Rogers showing how the glass panes can be cleaned, how they reflect light. Rogers demonstrating how the windows can be cleaned, the light-reflecting nature of the glass, and describes the design and manufacture of the panels and their on-site assembly. Vellay talks about the prefabrication elements in the Maison de Verre and its use of glass. Rogers talking about the "dreariness" of most buildings visible from Lloyd’s. The Lloyd’s building; other City buildings. Details of Lloyd’s. Deacon’s VO talking about nature, construction and space. He points out that the centre of Lloyd’s is a void, which expresses "a certain kind of aspiration". Views of the building and Deacon in a crane bucket. Credits.

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