Carlo Scarpa - ACE332.3

1996. Carlo Scarpa - ACE332.3.

TitleCarlo Scarpa - ACE332.3

In the di Luigi workshop in collaboration with whom Scarpa "practically reinvented" the technique of stucco lucido (also known as stucco lustro or imitation marble), laying and polishing coloured plaster. Eugenio di Luigi, plasterer, looking at a book of paintings by Rothko; he and Scarpa went to an exhibition and liked the way he used colours. Working on a stucco lucido surface. The Banco Popolare, Verona, decorated with Scarpa’s designs. VO Arrigo Rudi. Arrigo Rudi, architect, Scarpa collaborator, saying that Scarpa’s architecture work is very tactile. Francesco Zanon, metal-worker, describing how a ride on the canal gave Scarpa inspiration for some of his designs for the bank. Zanon also talks about Scarpa’s understanding of materials, and about his ability to draw a different idea simultaneously with each hand. Glassworks and glass objects. "Olivetti Showroom, St Marks, Venice, 1957-58." Adriano Olivetti enabled Scarpa to use lavish materials, centring on a sculpture by Alberto Viani. Giuseppe Davanzo, architect, Scarpa collaborator, restorer of Scarpa’s Olivetti staircase which he describes. The showroom. The Piazza San Marco. Tobia Scarpa, architect, on the conservative nature of Venice and the difficulties this could pose.

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