Carlo Scarpa - ACE332.9

1996. Carlo Scarpa - ACE332.9.

TitleCarlo Scarpa - ACE332.9

"Canova Gallery, Passagno. Architect, Giuseppe Segusini, 1831." Scarpo was invited to extend the museum in 1955. His windows, illuminating the sculptures set on plinths. Plaster model of Antonio Canova’s The Three Graces (1817). Luciano Gemin, architect, Scarpa collaborator, believes this is Scarpa’s most important work, where the light is the determining factor, and describes particularly its effect on The Three Graces. The Anfodillos talk about Scarpa always having to choose among the many ideas he had for solving each problem. "Brion Memorial, 1968-78, San Vito d’Altivale, Treviso", "one of the great enigmas of modern architecture". Arnold Böcklin’s Toteninseln (Isle of the Dead) (1880). Details of the design. Photograph of Islamic tombs in a cemetery on the island of Lamu, off the coast of Kenya; other influences are Paul Valéry’s graveyard and a Taoist symbol of male and female unity. Ennio Brion, Director, Brion Vega, desribes commissioning Scarpa to design the tomb. Details of the buildings. Luigi Bratti, builder, describing how Scarpa produced his drawings and plans.Details of the buildings. Commentary explains Scarpa’s accidental death, and that he’s buried in the Brion Memorial complex. CARLO SCARPA, 1906-1978. Credits.

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