Carlo Scarpa - ACE332.7

1996. Carlo Scarpa - ACE332.7.

TitleCarlo Scarpa - ACE332.7

Activities in the Zanon and di Luigi workshops. Cutting, welding and shaping metal; mixing colours for plaster, creating stucco lucido panels. The resulting background for a sculpture; a different concept of display from that of earlier days. Statue with Scarpa VO and then film of Scarpa describing the features of the work, and how he displayed it to ensure they were properly visible. Other exhibits. Photograph of features added to the building by the French; film of the result after Scarpa had removed them. Some of his sketches. Views of the building today. Details of Scarpa’s work described by Murphy VO Arrigo Rudi. Rudi talking about the Cangrande statue, and Scarpa’s work.

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