Carlo Scarpa - ACE332.4

1996. Carlo Scarpa - ACE332.4.

TitleCarlo Scarpa - ACE332.4

"Palazzo Abatellis, Palermo, Sicily. Remodelled by Scarpa, 1953-54." Photographs of the building after wartime damage and after an earlier reconstruction. Film of Scarpa’s new details, and of the gardens. The Dominican convent chapel: photographs of its damaged state, and film of the new design details. The mural, once in the Sclafani palace. Other features, incorporating old and new materials and objects. Exhibits, including Busto di Eleonora di Aragona (Bust of Eleanor of Aragon) (or Castile) (c.1471) by Francesco Laurana, and the La Vergine Annunziata (The Virgin Annunciate) (c.1465) by Antonello da Messina, for which Scarpa designed special and innovative displays. "Castelvecchio, Verona. Remodelled by Scarpa, 1956-73." The equestrian statue of Cangrande della Scala, (early 14th century).

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