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Reframing the Past

Book chapter

Peters, T. 2023. Reframing the Past. in: Meekyoung Shin, Time/Material: Performing Museology Seoul, South Korea Coreana Museum of Art, Seoul, South Korea.

Valuable Space: Nicole Polonsky Profile

Journal article

Peters, T. 2021. Valuable Space: Nicole Polonsky Profile. Printmaking Today. 30 (120), pp. 10-13.

White Gold

Book chapter

Peters, T. 2021. White Gold. in: Oh, Sunyoung (ed.) Critical Reading: Functional Dissonance Korea Project 7 1/2. pp. 47-54

White Gloves


Lee, P. 2018. White Gloves. St Pancras Church Crypt, Euston Road, London 21 - 22 Jul 2018

Golden Philip


Lee, P. 2018. Golden Philip. St Pancras Church Crypt, Euston Road, London 21 - 22 Jul 2018

Cover Uncover


Lee, P. 2018. Cover Uncover. London Philip Lee.

Critical Mass


Cummings, P. 2018. Critical Mass. South Korea

Model for a Common Room


Cummings, P. 2018. Model for a Common Room. Victoria Gallery and museum - University of Liverpool 19 Jan - 23 Jun 2018

Woman's Hour Craft Prize


Cummings, P. 2017. Woman's Hour Craft Prize.

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